“Life is the goal!” ❤
We started the new year with important and meaningful cases!As you know, Vinnichenko Gallery’s project «The Nine» pays great attention to supporting young artists and charity.

Today, disinterested help to a small person with a brain disease is especially valuable – it will save his fragile life and give hope for the future. Any contribution is important.

In the period from 17th to 20th of January 2019, an Art-auction was held on the Internet resources of the Gallery, the proceeds from which were sent to support the beneficiaries of the Konstantin Habensky Charitable Foundation – https://bfkh.ru.

The winner of the Аrt-auction was Natalia Kazanskaya, who won the painting “Karp” by the artist Vinnichenko Nadezhda.

Natalia, congratulations and sincere thanks for your participation! For your huge heart! For your help! This is a very important and significant contribution to the life of the Trust Fund beneficiaries!