Personal exhibition “Co-presence”

The exhibition will last from 18 to 28 February 2015

House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
Address: Moscow, Borisoglebsky pereulok, 6, Building 1

“The exhibition of painting by Nadezhda Vynnychenko in the house-museum of Marina Tsveteva is a co-presence of two epochs, two women, two cultural codes: word and painting. Here, the atmosphere and atmosphere surrounding the poet are preserved, we are immersed in an era of irrevocably gone time in order to relive the verses in a new way. The house-museum presents an amazing opportunity for exhibiting picturesque works – there is the effect of copresence. The artist, whose works come into contact with the world of the past, does not just stay in the poet’s house, filling and reassigning space, he takes a lively part in shaping the image. Therefore, the dialogue of the woman’s powerful poetic language of Marina Tsvetaeva and the piercing sharpness of the works of Nadezhda Vynnychenko is so interesting, the picturesque fabric of which captivates the seriousness and integrity of the tasks, color and light enter the complex game on the canvas, showing something basic and pre-planned in any form, but paradoxical at the same time They indicate the will of the artist, his decision as a creator.
Self-sufficiency and author’s integrity is what Tsvetaeva valued, because such a position makes possible creativity-the single decision to be precise in choosing an object, means, and form of expression. This is art – for the sake of which the dialogue is started, then thanks to which it is possible at all. “