Nadezhda Vinnichenko

Born in Moscow

Member of the Artist’s Union of Russia

Member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists

Member of the International Art Fund

Member of the Russian Union of Artists

Member of the Moscow Union of Artists

The founder of the art gallery 

Creative biography:

MGUTU named after K.G. Razumovsky

MVLomonosov Moscow State University. Lomonosov

MGAHI behalf of VI. Surikov

RMA art management

Personal exhibitions:

Personal exhibition. “Awakening”. Vinnichenko Gallery. Moscow, 2018

Personal exhibition “Retrospective”. Moscow City Duma, Moscow, 2018

“Music of contrasts.” Museum of A. Scriabin. 2016

“Co-presence.” House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. 2015

Residence of the Delegation of the European Union in the Russian Federation. 2015 and 2016

Palanga, Lithuania. International Art Festival “Open Sea”. 2015

“Hope Vinnichenko. Painting”. Cultural Center “Punctum”. 2013 and 2015

“Vinnichenko Hope. Painting”. Moscow City Duma. 2013

More than 90 exhibitions: in Russia, Berlin, Italy, Bruges, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Israel, Geneva, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine, Portugal.

Art Fairs

  • 2018 3th International Contemporary Art Fair, Thessaloniki
  • 2017 Inernational Art Fair «Art Ankara», Turkey
  • 2013 XIII International Exhibition of Contemporary Art Russian Art Week


The paintings are in private collections in Russia, Switzerland, Croatia, Lithuania, Israel.

In the collection of the House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva, Moscow.

In the Museum of Fine Arts of the Tyumen Region GAUK “Museum Complex them. I.Ya.Slovtsov », Tyumen.

In the art museum of Ploiesti, Romania.

In the Chuvash state art museum, Cheboksary.

In the museum of AN Skryabin, Moscow.

List of exhibitions:

  • All-Russian competition and exhibition of contemporary art. Gostiny Dvor. Moscow, 2018
  • 3th International Contemporary Art Fair. Thessaloniki, 2018
  • Personal exhibition. “Awakening”. Vinnichenko Gallery. Moscow, 2018
  • “Red weekend”. Artist progect, Winery, Moscow, 2018
  • Personal exhibition “Retrospective”. Moscow City Duma, Moscow, 2018
  • Personal exhibition “Among the waves.” Vinnichenko Gallery, Moscow, 2017
  • Day of photography and exhibition of paintings “Red Sea”. Crocus Сity, Moscow, 2017
  • “ART ANKARA” Inernational Art Fair. Turkey, 2017
  • Personal exhibition. Residence of the EU Ambassador to Russia, Moscow, 2016
  • Personal exhibition “Music of contrasts”. Museum of A. Scriabin. Moscow, 2016
  • The open air “Art Circle”. Slovenia, 2016
  • “The World of Painting.” Podolsk. MA
  • “Start”. Gallery “On Novinsky”
  • “ART PORTRAIT CLUB” Inernational Festival. CHA
  • “Russian Week of Arts”. CHA
  • “ХХ Russian ArtWeek”. CHA
  • “The Youth of Russia”. CPX
  • “Volga Week of Arts”. Cheboksary
  • “World of Art”, an art project. “Our isograph”
  • “Nowruz in London”, festival-competition. ТСХР
  • “Book of Wanderings” and “Female Image.” DK “Rublevo”
  • “Time forward”. GVK “Artifact”
  • “Christmas on Begovaya.” VZ MAX
  • “Creation.” Charitable exhibition-fair. Moscow
  • “Art-Elka”. CHA
  • The Kazan Week of Arts. MUK NCC “Kazan”. 2 nd place “Still-life with a blue wine-glass”
  • “World Art Assembly”. OT PAX. 1 st place “Still life with a blue wine glass” and 2 nd place “Composition with black highlights”
  • TDK “Smolensky Passage”, exhibition-sale
  • “ArtWeek in Romania”. Bucharest
  • “The Road of the Artist”. DK “Gaidarovets”
  • “Uniting the world.” Russian Art Week. Moscow. ArtPlay
  • “Belarus ArtWeek”. Minsk. VZ “The House of Moscow”. 1 st place “Still Life with a Scarab”
  • “ArtWeek in Hangary”. Budapest
  • “The road of the artist.” Gallery “Art-Kremlin”
  • “Summer”. VZ MSH. IRIDA
  • “Siberian ArtWeek”. Tyumen
  • “Indian summer”. IRIDA
  • “Moscow and the Muscovites.” VZ MSH on Begovaya
  • “Exhibition on the Day of the City.” VZ MSH.
  • Personal exhibition “Under the Palanga sky”. Lithuania. 2015
  • Personal exhibition “Painting”. KC Punctum. 2015
  • Personal exhibition. Residence of the EU Delegation in Russia. 2015
  • “20 years of youth movement.” PAX. TLCR. MGHPA them. Stroganoff.
  • Personal exhibition “CO-SPEED”. House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva. 2015
  • “My country is Russia”. Artifact Gallery
  • “Christmas Exhibition”. VZ MAX
  • “Days of the Russian Language”. Berlin. ARTIST TV
  • “Russian ArtWeek”. CHA
  • “Art Salon on Tverskaya Street”. The Museum. N.A. Ostrovsky
  • “ArtWeek in Italy”. Spoleto
  • “Seating yard.” The World Without Borders Project
  • “Great cities of Russia”. IRIDA
  • “ArtCoctail Brugge”. Belgium. D.E.V.E. Gallery Brugge-Moscow
  • “Picturesque Review”. Isograf Gallery
  • “Artists about Moscow”. VZ MAX
  • “VI St.Petersburg ArtWeek”. St. Petersburg. 1st place “Kazan Cathedral. Rain”
  • “Summer salon”. VZ MAX
  • “Omsk-Moscow”. VZ Omsk Museum
  • “200th anniversary of the birth of M.Yu.Lermontov”. VZ of the Library of Ukrainian Literature
  • “Religious plot in contemporary art.” VZ MSH “On Begovaya”
  • “Prilody.” Scriabin Museum
  • “An old house”. The Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
  • “ArtWeek in Slovakia”. Bratislava. 1 st place “Still Life with a Pearl”
  • “Style and interior”. VZ Library of Ukrainian Literature
  • “Religious plot in contemporary art.” The State Art Gallery “Tushino”
  • “Artist and time.” Artifact Gallery
  • “Russian Week of Arts”. CHA
  • “Secrets of life.” CHA
  • “In the city of spring.” House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
  • “Youth of the country.” VZ “Nagornaya”
  • “ArtWeek in Geneva”. “Russian avant-garde XX-XXI”. Geneva. 1st place “White Night” and 2nd place “Between Light and Shadow”
  • “Modern realistic art. Dedicated to the 180th birthday of SM Tretyakov. ” CC “On Pyatnitskaya”
  • “Music of light.” Scriabin Museum
  • “Spring mood”. Gostiny Dvor
  • “Harp of David-2014”. Israel
  • “ArtWeek in Czech Republic”. Prague. 1 st place “Still life with a violet background”
  • “Old New Year”. House-Museum of Marina Tsvetaeva
  • “Native open spaces”. MGHPA named after S.G. Stroganova
  • “Russian ArtWeek”. Moscow. MSC Mars
  • “Indian summer”. Union of Women of Russia
  • “Assembly of Arts.” MDA
  • “ArtWeek in Turkish”. Antalya. 3rd place “Ancient Kungans” and 3rd place “Love”
  • “ArtWeek in Ukraine”. Kiev. 1st place “Teapots”
  • “ArtWeek in Portugal”. Lisbon. 1 st and 2 nd place “Waterfall”, 2 nd place “Blue Sea” and 1 st place “Wave”
  • “ArtWeek in Italy”. Venice. 3rd place “Love” and 3rd place “The Red Sea”.